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In just six short years UMoveFree has become the largest apartment finding service in Texas by combining the convenience of an online apartment search with personalized assistance of experienced agents.  UMoveFree offers this service for free by collecting a referral fee from the apartment communities where clients lease.  Best of all, they share a portion of that referral fee with customers by offering a free move into their new apartment or providing a $200 rent rebate if customers choose to move themselves.   

So where do renters start?  Most UMoveFree customers start by using their comprehensive online apartment search. grants instant access to nearly every apartment listing in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio apartment markets.  Because of their relationship with apartments throughout Texas, shows renters more listings than any other website online.  “Most renters don’t realize that the other apartment websites only show renters around 15 to 20% of the apartments in a given area…it’s because they only list the apartments that are advertising with them” says Nick Barber, Co-Owner and President of UMoveFree.  Barber explains that even other free move competitors don’t work with nearly as many properties as UMoveFree.  “We work with over 95% of the properties in Texas” says Barber.

So why has UMoveFree grown so much faster than their competitors?  “We offer the best online apartment search, the best personalized assistance, and the most inclusive free move offer in the industry…and we do it all for free” says Barber.  A strong value proposition has made UMoveFree the largest apartment locating company in the state, moving over a thousand renters into an apartment each month.

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Source by Nick Barber

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